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Christine Servello
Heart Healer

My name is Christine Servello and I am the proud mama of Gateway Facial Therapies.  I have been in the skincare industry and a practicing licensed Esthetician for 30 yrs. I graduated from Christine Valmy in NYC in 1998 with the basic knowledge of the traditional European skincare technique. I have since then been blessed to have had the pleasure to work alongside and train amongst some very talented and knowledgeable women.  I have attended several lectures, continuing education, and product knowledge classes.  With an ever expanding industry, especially turning medical, I still firmly believe natural and holistic is the best approach.  

I had my first facial when I was 19. It was a gift from my best friend Melissa. I remember laying on the bed in a tiny room in this woman’s house and as soon as she put her hands on my face I knew that this was what I wanted to do.  The feeling of peace and ease that washed over me and the surrender that followed, I remember dozing in and out and it just being so heavenly.  I was so relaxed yet rejuvenated at the same time.  This was the awakening to my purpose.


I have always felt a deep sense that I was here to be of service. In my youth that didn't always play out in healthy dynamics but as I grew older and wiser, learning from mistakes and taking my healing journey into my own hands I was able to channel my greatest service.  I am a heart healer, and I am here to hold space for others to have a sense of connection to something greater. To feel held and at peace. To offer a way to nurture, replenish, and restore their being. My practice is more of a holistic approach as I believe the skin reflects the inner body. 

I am a Reiki practitioner and have incorporated energy work into all my facials.  I work with the energetic body to open up space, facilitating the movement of blocked and stagnant life energy, assisting the body to function properly and recharge on a cellular level.  Along with massage for deep relaxation, crystals, and tuning forks allowing us a deeper understanding of our human experience by connecting our creative passionate nature with our inner seeing and knowing.

Combining my extensive knowledge of skincare with a passionate belief that the emotional and physical body are interconnected, I work with the WHOLE body.

It is an honor to serve you, hold space for you, and share Divine love and light with you <3

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