Our most popular facial scrub! Gently scrub away dull, dry skin to reveal a fresher more vibrant complexion. Biodegradable Jojoba pearls combined with Pumpkin & Papaya enzymes, AHAs, Kaolin clay and herbal extracts, powerfully slough off and detoxify your uppermost layer of dead skin to allow skin to breathe and become more vibrant. Debris and buildup on your skin from dead cells and environmental factors are removed, providing a blank canvas that will absorb beneficial ingredients in this and other skincare products. Regular use will help detoxify and renew skin while allowing better penetration of active serums and moisturizers. Combine with an exfoliating mask, toner or serum to enhance exfoliating results and further improve skin tone and texture. Skin will appear more vibrant, soft and smoother and over time fine lines and pigment will fade. 

Rich Exfoliating Cream Scrub

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