More powerful than any hemp oil out there. We formulated a whole plant extract that is suspended in our pristine spring water, so the effects are immediate when compared to that of oils. Can be added into any beverage of choice, it mixes perfectly into water, juice, beer, wine, tea, etc. Or swallow it as a tincture by holding under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing it. Either way, it goes directly into your bloodstream. Take consistently for at least a week to really feel the effects.


We start with a cold-fusion blend of full spectrum, organically grown, whole hemp extract combined with gem-grade natural spring water from one of the oldest, most historically documented sources in North America. This water is comprehensively tested and verified naturally pure, flowing freely to the earth’s surface in Maine since the last ice age. Then we bottled it in Miron Violet glass, the ultimate ‘biophotonic’ preserving container for packaging edible products because all cannabinoids, including CBD are fragile compounds that quickly destabilize when exposed to light.


This combination allows us to offer a CBD product that is exceedingly more potent and bioavailable than anything on the market. We hope you love it as much as we do!